The future of construction methods is in our hands.

We pursue R&D activities using new materials and techniques to “pave” new ways in the industry that advance the industry as a whole. If you need a hand, just ask! We’d be happy to help you.

We never rest when it comes to innovation

If we were to crawl back into our shell every evening, you wouldn’t have the degree of innovation that is happening at our company now. We keep our eyes and ears peeled for situations that arise and we listen attentively to our customers’ and partners’ ideas on aspects we can improve. We have an avid interest in improving our products as best we can to adapt to changing conditions and needs.

From a solution to a business partnership

We proactively tackle potential problems and we listen to the different ideas that people bring up and always give suggestions on how to proceed.

Do you have a specific issue for which you need our input? Our research and development team is ready and waiting for its next challenge.

Contact us with your issue and we can work together with you to develop the next generation of products! Know your goal to find your path – where knowledge meets implementation!

Extraordinary solutions

Our products


Road construction

The specialists in demand for special construction methods and Tack coat emulsions: Esha bitumen emulsions fulfill the highest standards in quality available.


Road maintenance

The right blend of components to ensure smooth handling: Esha bitumen emulsions are designed to handle the requirements of preservation measures with excellent results.

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