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Operative management

Mr. Jens Krause

Managerial staff

Ms. Daniela Trömel

Accounting and general administration

Ms. Daniela Trömel

Headquarters | Sales | Scheduling

Ms. Petra Schäfer

Research and development

Mr. Rüdiger Schäfer, Mr. Jens Krause

Quality assurance management | Factory production control officers

Mr. Rüdiger Schäfer, Ms. Jaqueline Hebestreit

Health protection and occupational safety

Ms. Jaqueline Hebestreit

Warehouse | Production | Maintenance | Service and repairs

Main contact person as company officer:
Mr. Jens Krause

Mr. Heiko Topf, Mr. Ralf Trinter, Mr. Marco Vogt

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+49 (0)3622 40733-0