Bitumen emulsion for the production of thin asphalt layers using hot construction method on sealing (DSH-V)

Polymer-modified bitumen emulsions are suitable for producing sealing underneath thin asphalt cover layers using the hot construction method (DSH-V).
Source: TL Be-StB 15

Our Eshalite DSH-V qualifies as a special bitumen emulsion that is suitable for the requirements of this construction method, even doubly suitable, since it functions simultaneously as a seal and a high-quality layer composite.

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Factory descriptor:Eshalite DSH-V
Application:To produce sealing under thin asphalt cover layers using the hot construction method and therefore to protect the underlay against water penetration, and a permanent full-surface layer composite between the underlay and the asphalt layer.
The selection of a suitable bitumen emulsion is an important detail for installation.
Properties:Our Eshalite DSH-V ensures a sealing and layer composite, and it also supports elastic properties as a part of the asphalt construction thanks to its polymer modification
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