Bitumen emulsions for spraying and spreading applications

We recommend choosing a bitumen emulsion that is suitable for the expected range of temperatures and bearing ratios, in particular, before application. In addition, you should decide how the emulsion will be handled (either manually or by machine).

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Factory descriptor:Eshalite REP emulsions
Classes | Grade designation:Eshalite U60K | C60B4-REP – Eshalite EM60K | C60BP4-REP
Eshalite U70K-REP | C67B3-REP – Eshalite EM70K | C67BP3-REP
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Application:A few of the typical applications for partial surface treatment (and not the entire surface) are damage to worn-out and porous asphalt road surfaces, slippery asphalt road surfaces caused by smooth stones and chipping. It is important to choose the right type of bitumen emulsion for proper paving results.
Properties:The Eshalite REP range of emulsions is designed for paving work in terms of viscosity and breaking properties and can be applied with readily available aggregate. It is important to choose between the non-polymer modified versions (C60B4-REP | C67B3-REP) and the polymer-modified versions (C60BP4-REP | C67BP3-REP) depending on the expected bearing ratios of the roadways.
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Item no.Factory descriptorDescription (TL BE-StB 15)
Bitumen emulsions for spraying and spreading applications
132410Eshalite EM60KC60BP4-REP
131411Eshalite U60KC60B4-REP
132010Eshalite EM70KC67BP3-REP
131010Eshalite U70K-REPC67B3-REP

The table of classes is also available in the Download area. 

Bitumenemulsionen für Straßenbau und Straßenerhaltung

Bitumenemulsionen für das Verfahren Anspritzen und Abstreuen

Schematische Darstellung für das Verfahren Anspritzen und Abstreuen

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