Eshalite DSK – Bitumen emulsion for manufacturing DSK Asphalt

Suitable for processing in large paving machinery that is designed to apply the material to the entire pavement surface in road repair for use on roads of all bearing ratios.

Here is a challenge we faced when developing the blend – and we were successful! At the same, we have complied with current standards and even met the expectations of on-site crews with all of our available classes, which are used in various ambient temperature ranges.

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Factory descriptor:Eshalite DSK
Classes:1,7 +2 | 1,8 +1 | 1,9 +0,5 | 2,0 ohne | 2,1 ohne | 2,2 ohne | 2,3 ohne | 2,4 ohne
The letter code “A” refers highway quality (“A” for autobahn), if present.
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SelectionWe offer a table as a selector tool to help you choose the proper class based on the expected ambient temperature range.
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ApplicationDSK Asphalt is typically used to repair damage such as cracking, spalling, grooving and wheelpath rutting, swelling, porous and worn-out surfaces, reduced surface friction caused by polished aggregate or excessive binder agent. The product can be applied as just easily to city roads as to highways with high bearing ratios. It is important to choose the right type of bitumen emulsion for proper paving results.
CharacteristicsThe Eshalite DSK range is designed as a group of bitumen emulsions that can be applied with readily available aggregate within the specified temperature range.
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Item no.Factory descriptorDescription (TL BE-StB 15)
Bitumen emulsions for manufacturing DSK Asphalt
032300Eshalite DSK 1,7 +2C65BP6-DSK
032301Eshalite DSK 1,7 +2 AC65BP6-DSK
032310Eshalite DSK 1,8 +1C65BP6-DSK
032311Eshalite DSK 1,8 +1 AC65BP6-DSK
032320Eshalite DSK 1,9 +0,5C65BP6-DSK
032321Eshalite DSK 1,9 +0,5 AC65BP6-DSK
032330Eshalite DSK 2,0 ohneC65BP6-DSK
032331Eshalite DSK 2,0 ohne AC65BP6-DSK
032340Eshalite DSK 2,1 ohneC65BP6-DSK
032341Eshalite DSK 2,1 ohne AC65BP6-DSK
032350Eshalite DSK 2,2 ohneC65BP6-DSK
032351Eshalite DSK 2,2 ohne AC65BP6-DSK
032360Eshalite DSK 2,3 ohneC65BP6-DSK
032361Eshalite DSK 2,3 ohne AC65BP6-DSK
032370Eshalite DSK 2,4 ohneC65BP6-DSK
032371Eshalite DSK 2,4 ohne AC65BP6-DSK

Selector tool for choosing the right type of Eshalite DSK

Last revised: February 2016 – The selector tool is also available in the Download area.


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